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Enter Wildthyme

Paul Magrs

TIME AND SPACE. GOOD AND EVIL. GIN AND TONIC. He's a great novelist, clever and ironic - Russell T. Davies A novel which takes us from a dusty secondhand bookshop in Darlington, clear across the galaxy aboard a celestial double decker bus - all the way to the outlandish world of Hyspero, and the throne room of the Scarlet Empress - and the very brink of the strange pocket dimension called The Obverse. This is a story about an object - a glass jar with mysterious contents - being the focus of a chase between Iris Wildthyme, Panda and their new friend Simon, and a bunch of gentlemen pirates of the Dogworld, who are determined to retrieve the strange jar and its even stranger contents.

Published Feb 01, 2011 • 320 pages • ↑ 20mm • ISBNs: 978-1-907777-04-2 • 978-1-907777-46-2

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