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Enemy of Chaos

Leila Johnston

Remember Fighting Fantasy books? Remember playing Choose Your Own Adventure? Ah, those were the days - when your only problems in life were deadly curses and bloodthirsty ogres. But you're grown up now, you've got bills to worry about and it's clear your adventuring days are over. Or are they? What if the world needed your dice-rolling skills one last time? What if the fate of the world hung upon your ability to choose wisely between turning to p36 or p75? What if you were The Enemy Of Chaos?


'Enemy of Chaos is a geeky treasure-chest of comedy, fizzing with ideas and wit. Leila Johnston is the genius offspring of Stephen Fry and Red Dwarf. Armando Iannucci in a dress' David Schneider 'I love the way Leila's head works. She's smart and funny and bonkers in the brilliant way; this book is the best of all that. It made me laugh a lot' Polly Vernon, The Observer 'This isn't a book, it's a stunning new way of changing the universe. No wait, it is a book. A brilliant book' David Quantick

Published • pages • mm • ISBNs: 978-1-906727-57-4 • 978-1-906727-42-0

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