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Devil's Highway

Simon Bestwick

In the haunted desolation of post-nuclear Britain, the Catchman walks. Spawned from the nightmare of Project Tindalos, it doesn’t tire, stop, or die. It exists for one purpose only: to find and kill Helen Damnation, leader of the growing revolt against the tyrannical Reapers and their Commander, Tereus Winterborn. Meanwhile, Helen is threatened from both without and within. Her nightmares of the Black Road have returned, and the ghosts of her murdered family demand vengeance, in the form of either Winterborn’s death or her own. And close behind the Catchman, a massive Reaper assault, led by Helen’s nemesis, Colonel Jarrett, is nearing the rebels’ base. Killing Helen has become Jarrett’s obsession: only one of them can emerge from this conflict alive.


"Hell's Ditch started the engines and Devil's Highway pushes the needle into the red as we hold on with a death grip... I cannot look away, nor do I want to." Lisa Dumond, Hikeeba.com 

Published Feb 01, 2017 • 458 pages • 198 × 129mm • ISBNs: 978-1-909679-91-7 • 978-1-909679-90-0

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