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Christmas Explained

Jonathan Green

An interesting compendium of the origins of familiar Christmas customs and traditions. Green speculates on such matters as the identity of the three kings, explains such mysteries as the reasoning behind the date of Christmas and the development of the Advent calendar and the Christmas cracker, and asks, in the words of Brian's Mum: "What is myrrh anyway?" You'll find out here.


‘Freaky but fascinating festive trivia’ Daily Star ‘Highly informative’ The Bookseller ‘As welcome as a warm glass of mulled wine on a wintry night, Green’s guide to Christmas enhances the pleasures of the festive season, offering a witty cornucopia of Christmas facts and folklore.’ The Good Book Guide

Published Oct 01, 2014 • 269 pages • 178 × 110mm • ISBNs: 978-1-909679-37-5 • 978-1-909679-41-2

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