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Albion Fay

Mark Morris

Albion Fay, a holiday house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature’s bounty. For the adults, a time for relaxation and to recharge the batteries, while for the children, a chance for exploration and adventure in the English countryside. A happy time for all: nothing could possibly go wrong. Or could it? What should be a magical time ends in tragedy – but what really happened that summer? "I wish I had somewhere to go where no one could find me, somewhere I could be on my own for a while, away from my fractured family. I look over at the caves, which resemble gaping mouths and hollow eyes, black against the grey rock, and I imagine myself slipping inside, going deeper into the darkness and the silence. "The thought doesn’t comfort me, though. In fact, the longer I stare at the caves the more I imagine something with flat, cold, unblinking eyes staring back at me from the shadows. "They get angry if you look at them, Scott said. "Also: they bite. "I shudder and turn away. As I do so, at the edge of my vision, I see a squat black shape with red eyes watching me from the roadway below.”

Published Sep 23, 2016 • 96 pages • 204 × 132mm • ISBNs: 978-1-911390-98-5 • 978-1-911390-99-2

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