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A scene from the movie Bridget Jones

Another pregnancy side effect. This one's funny. The doorbell rang at 8.30, and being a lazy lummox I was still asleep. I worked till midnight, if that makes it any better - but, essentially, I had overslept. I pulled on the nearest dressing gown - one which, as it happens, I haven't worn in a while - and rushed to the door. You can see where this is going. Having flung open the door and apologised for keeping him waiting, the poor postman was assailed by the sight of my pants* **. The dressing gown, turns out, doesn't really fit any more, now I have a rather large bump. Ah well. I suppose a gradual stripping away of my dignity is good preparation for childbirth. * Thankfully they were good, big pants. ** For the benefit of our US readers, remember that pants in UKish means underwear, not trousers. Blush.


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