Blogs shouldn't just be about grumbling • 12 July 2007 • The SnowBlog

Blogs shouldn't just be about grumbling

I hate people who use their blogs just to grumble. At the very least they should either be funny about it or have a good point to make. But because all I'm doing at the moment is organising my house move I'm experiencing a lot more frustration than I know what to do with. It's either share it via the SnowBlog or leave it in my brain to rankle. So, here's the impossible problem I was grappling with this morning: Delays with my house move mean I can't fly out to Portugal for a family get together when I'd like to. I've got a return flight booked, but I won't be ready to go in time, so I've had to buy an extra one-way ticket to go out a day and a half later. I still want to use the return part of my old ticket, which on something like a train would be fine. But it doesn't work like that with British Airways. If I fly out with them, there's no problem. But if I leave my seat empty on the way out, I can only use my return ticket if I pay extra - a lot extra: nearly double in fact. It's part of the weird world of air travel. Where singles are more expensive than returns. And a trip such as flying from Chicago to London via Minneapolis is a lot cheaper than booking the same seat starting at Minneapolis. By way of consolation, the friendly BA lady explained that I could drop the second leg of my journey but not the first. In other words, if I fly out with them, they won't charge me extra if I don't want to come back. How generous. P.S. Also, how on earth do people with actual proper jobs move house? I'm spending all day everyday making calls, packing boxes, sending letters and driving stuff around. There's no way I'd have another forty or fifty hours a week to spend in an office. Do people with normal jobs just have to stay in the same house for life? Or do they move at night?


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