Big Apple/Brother • 20 April 2011 • The SnowBlog

Big Apple/Brother

          Apparently iPhones keep an accurate log of everywhere you've been and exactly when you were there. The information's not even very well hidden, and that log ends up on whichever computer you sync your phone with, as well as on the phone itself. Understandably a few privacy advocates have raised their eyebrows over this. One of the people who thought the world should know about this decided - rather brilliantly - to spread the word by writing an application that'll fetch that info and plot it on a map. Click a button and watch an animation of everywhere you've been since you bought your phone. I just downloaded the Mac-only application from here and thirty seconds later was looking at the picture below. That's all the places I've been in the UK in the last couple of years. Amazing. And also troubling. (Hey Jenn, proof that I travel up to visit you fairly often!)



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