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Better than biscuits

Oh, you have to admire it. There's a lot to like about Stephen Fry and I posted a link here when he wrote on his shiny new blog (still with its new-blog smell) about mobile phones, paying particular attention to the complicated kind. Now he's been asked to do a bit more of it for the Guardian. And don't you just love this sort of thing? Before he can get to discussing SmartPhones a few preparatory remarks are called for: "When WH Auden produced his collection of critical writings, The Dyer's Hand, he first laid out a list of his preferences and predispositions, believing it right that the reader should know what sort of person they were encountering and be able thereby to form a judgment of his opinions in the light of his prejudices. I ought to do the same." I'm sure he knows how all that looks. Using Auden as a guide for a mobile phone review. I'm sure he realises how preposterously delicious that will seem to a certain sort of person. If, like me, you are that sort of person, then read on: here

And frankly the whole thing is a lot more highbrow than the sort of links Em will steer you towards (see below).


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