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Best part of a monkey (c.f. slang, monetary) • 13 March 2008 • The SnowBlog

Best part of a monkey (c.f. slang, monetary)

Here's an offer you don't get every day. If you remember a while back I made a big fuss about Naomi Klein's most recent book, The Shock Doctrine. I think it's important. But the subject matter doesn't interest as many people as it might. So I have a proposition. I have one pristine copy of the book to give away. I also have a crisp twenty pound note. If you are someone who would not ordinarily read such a thing, but you'd be prepared to do so for a free copy plus a twenty-pound incentive, then let me know and I will mail them both to you. Sadly I only have one of each on offer, but it's been bothering me that despite my best efforts I haven't persuaded a single, solitary person to read the thing, so desperate measures are called for. It's beautifully written and crammed full of information you really need to know. Plus there's twenty quid in it for you. So what do you say?
Update: I've had a taker for the book (though they kindly declined the cash). Now I just have to find someone who wants the twenty-quid. (Only joking)


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