Beauty (sigh) • 11 February 2008 • The SnowBlog

Beauty (sigh)


That's a picture of dawn from where I sit to write stories about explosions and stuff. Em made this point recently. And then the underwater lady on Coast made it too. Colours in nature hardly ever seem to clash. Mix peach and pink in your home decor and yick. Do it on the horizon of the world, as the sun rises, and it looks purty. Same thing for letting your aquamarine and your azure mingle domestically. It only seems to work in the sky and the ocean. You'all probably know this already. But I only noticed the world was in colour a few years ago. Before that I was too busy being a bloke. (P.S. It'll be nice when phone and power wires are underground or route through subspace, won't it? P.P.S. I'd probably better go and have a fight now, to make up for this post.)  


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