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BBC interviewing authors from beyond the grave

          Jerome_K.jpgYou'll like this one. I just got a phone call from a very nice lady at BBC News 24, who said they were looking for one of our authors to come on the channel and discuss a recent news report. Cue one very excited publisher, thinking, most likely, of Mark Ames.

Alas, the news report in question concerned the general increase in stress in everyday life, and ways to combat it. Naturally, the BBC wished to turn to an authority in the field, and what greater an authority than the peerless Jerome K. Jerome, author of Snowbooks' bestselling anthology The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.

Sadly, I was forced to relate that Mr Jerome had passed away some time ago, at which the lady expressed her shock and most sincere condolences.

I was, however, able to recommend the services of Tom Hodgkinson, author of the really quite good How To Be Idle, friend of Snowbooks, and still very much alive. So it goes.  

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