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Good morning, world. Hope you had a nice weekend. We went to Wales and it was exceedingly pleasant, except for the long journey, which Ro was quite firmly against. Ah well, all back in one piece which is the main thing. I don't really care about the following, so it's a very half-hearted rant. But still. Just got a letter from Barclays. We maintain an account with them but don't use it, but who knows when you'll need a line of credit, and this account has an overdraft attached. They have made improvements based on customer feedback, it says here. I read on. The improvements are four in number. - A 16 digit account code. Erm, not sure that anyone would have asked for that but never mind. - Something else of no consequence - Something else of no consequence (the letter's in the bin now, I can't remember 2 and 3, and I'm not fishing it out again) - They're raising the cost of reproduced statements from 2 to 3. I would love to see the tapes of the customer feedback interviews where a punter says 'you know what? I'm really worried that Barclays aren't shafting me sufficiently. Why not add a quid onto the cost of repro statements? We'll all sleep a lot easier at night then. Would you make a note of that?'


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