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Sort of spoiler alert for Dan Rhode's new novel, plus something about robins, below the cut. I don't want to be a giant big moaning minny the whole time, but when you work all Easter weekend and only manage to read one book over the whole four days it would be quite nice if it didn't gather you up into caring deeply about the main character - and then cruelly crush said character right at the end. And it would be even better if this wasn't the second time it had happened. I'm talking, of course, about Dan Rhode's new book Gold. Timoleon Vieta did the same thing. There's a certain sort of callousness in an author to so wilfully upset his reader. Bah, I say. Bah to Dan Rhodes. 

On a brighter note I have spent the nicest day imaginable in the sun on a photo shoot for our forthcoming City Cycling book. I was given a lovely lunch too. And I saw a robin having a bath in some water. So the world's not all bad, turns out. 

In summary: Spring is definitely here and Dan Rhodes is a meanie. 


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