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Hello, I'm back! I have to report that I have given birth to a superior child. Last night, and the preceeding three or four nights, the young master woke only twice in the night. For non-parents of newborns, that is rather super. He is also a pro at feeding. In summary, I have had what feels like a fortnight's holiday (punctuated only by some astonishing hormonal swings) and return refreshed and happy! Andy and I have both read a lot on our leave. I've been at the five thick Jeeves and Wooster omnibi that Andy kindly bought me. Mostly the same thing happens in each story. Jeeves pales at the sight of a particularly fruity cummerbund; Bertie gets into a scrape with an aunt; all is resolved when Jeeves' superior brain comes up with a plan. But they're thoroughly enjoyable, none the less. Andy has also been reading long books - the Paul Hamilton trilogies. Good if you like Iain M Banks, he says. Which we do. Thanks again to everyone who's sent such kind wishes, cards and presents. It's appreciated more than I can say. And now - on with the Snowbooks show! (I'm not, of course, dumping little Ro on someone else at his tender age - he will be steering the good ship Snowbooks from the comfort of his sling. After all, in 21 years he may well want to do that full time...)


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