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Last night's Cure concert was just about the best night EVER. Over three hours of complete joy. Here's the setlist (I think, culled from various sites and memory). Plainsong (best possible way to kick off the setlist) Prayers For Rain (held the 'rain' note for about a minute, cheers all round) A Strange Day alt.end, (stunning) A Night Like This (one of the finest songs ever written) The End of the World, (dance! dance! Perfect pop song.) Lovesong, To Wish Impossible Things (which ended with him saying 'oh dear, that's a sad song, isn't it. Here's some Country and Western to liven things up') Pictures of You, (the song with snow in it. Score) Lullaby (with excellent hand dancing from Mr Smith) From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, (most searing guitar solo EVER) Hot Hot Hot!!! (remind me not to enter that search term into youtube again) (*NEW!* something about lips) The Walk, Push (big favourite) Friday I'm In Love, Inbetween Days, (The crowd go wild!) Just Like Heaven, (and remain wild!) Primary, A Boy I Never Loved (*NEW!* and made me well up) Shake Dog Shake (this song along would have been worth the ticket price) Never Enough (superb, plus excellent pill-based background graphics) Wrong Number (hello? Hello? HELLO? HEL-LO?) One Hundred Years (fierce) Disintegration (I think he was crying by the end of it. Wrenching) Encore 1: At Night, M, Play For Today (no-one in the band needed to play the melody - the crowd sung it for them) A Forest (preceeded by a long instrumental that sounded new, but of course as soon as the 'da daaa' bass kicked in, the arena exploded) Encore 2: The Lovecats (ha! They played Lovecats! Bob couldn't remember the guitar bits!) Let's Go to Bed, (*NEW!*) don't know the name Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You? (indeed) Encore 3: Three Imaginary Boys, Fire In Cairo, Boys Don't Cry, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing an Arab A simply awesome 3 hours and 15 minutes. And a double album comes out later in the year!


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