Anonymous vigilantes • 5 February 2012 • The SnowBlog

Anonymous vigilantes

So, have you got an opinion about Anonymous yet? They 'hack' computers so they're bad, right? And they release classified information. And they take down commercial websites. And many of them are puerile and vulgar. Of course, a good portion of what they leak, just like with Wikileaks, is stuff that we need to know. And by 'we' I mean people who vote. We're in the dark about so many things and we realise that most clearly when groups like Anonymous spill the beans. This week they showed they could eavesdrop on the FBI making deals with the Metropolitan Police. Well, I for one want to know how much influence the U.S. has over the British justice system. And apparently they're just about to release all sorts of information about a supposed massacre of Iraqis by the U.S. Marine Corps. And I definitely want to know about that. (source) I can't believe the powers-that-be will tolerate the ability of anarchists and rogues to interfere in their plans and reveal their secrets for much longer. And I'm pretty sure I won't like whatever response the establishment comes up with. But for the minute, I personally think it's nice to be slightly less in the dark than usual.


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