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Anglican split, etc;

           I'm very disappointed in Christians. The New Testament seems chock full of excellent stuff. It bans violence, it preaches tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and generosity. And it issues dire warnings about being materialistic or putting money above people. These are exactly the virtues and values this world needs. If Mr Christ could have said something about caring for the planet, it would have been perfect. Oh, and I don't see the point of blind faith, but these are mere quibbles; the overall message is one I heartily agree with. So how can there be pro-war Christians? There's no way you can twist Jesus's words to permit killing, surely. And what's the problem with gay bishops? Would Jesus really have shunned gay people? If so, maybe I was wrong about what a nice fellow he was. And why were the church so reluctant to let women be in charge of anything? Surely Christians should be leading our society in equality and tolerance, not lagging behind. If this is their idea of moral leadership then they've got a heck of a lot of catching up to do. Come on Christian folk: it's about tolerance, forgivenesss and love. It's not about tradition, having the ear of government and judging others. Will you have a word with your leaders and set them straight about this stuff? 


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