And the winner is... • 29 August 2007 • The SnowBlog

And the winner is...

... Alan Trotter! Alan wins the prize of the two tickets to the Globe to see Love's Labours Lost as he correctly answered the questions. Honourable mentions also go to Richard Wright. Both answered all ten questions, and because I've got nothing at all better to do I wrote a little thing in Excel to randomly pick one. I call it the Ibble-Obble-O-Meter (ibble obble being the preferred method of choice for playground decisions when I were a lass. Ibble obble black bobble ibble obble out. Still, as it happens, used today on occasion in Snowbooks' strategic planning meetings.) When I get a chance I'll have to make a rosette for Richard, as I promised, who is officially a Super Snowbooks Fan. Alan, email me your address and they'll be in the post!


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