An odd day... • 9 May 2007 • The SnowBlog

An odd day...


...all in all. Woke up at 5.45am thinking pygmies were playing bongoes at the bottom of the bed. They weren't - it was the cat smashing stuff up, as is her wont. Decided to get to work early. Got a load of London dirt in my eyes whilst cycling. Whirled around for 3 hours before my first meeting - excellent. Had first meeting - more progress. Whirled around a bit more. Cycled to bank for meeting. Filled eyes up with more grit. As an aside (in this already utterly random list) I feel sorry for my (lovely) bank manager (who send me wine from time to time - he *is* lovely). I get the feeling he has to tick a lot of boxes on his computer that say yes, I tried to sell some more banking products to my customer today. I feel that his boxes get more out of the meetings than I do, sometimes. Got back, whirled around. Such industry! Such dynamism! So many things done!

But I have had sore eyes all day because of the pygmies and the early start and the stupid London grit, and I have just discovered that the eye drops I have been using all day have an expiry date of April 2004. 



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