An apology • 29 March 2011 • The SnowBlog

An apology

Wowsers. I've just managed to really upset and annoy one of our authors, who received her royalty statements and payment late in the last period. I've ended up reverting her rights because she's so annoyed. I thought I'd just repeat my huge apologies, publicly this time, to our other authors who had to bear with me whilst I struggled to get the royalty system I'd switched to up and running. As you know it's been a tricky year but that's no excuse for letting our authors down. If I've learned anything, it's this. If an author gets a statement late, they don't just see an administrative hiccup. They see delays as disrespectful to their hard work and insensitive to their feelings. I can understand that because authors put their souls into their writing. So I'll be very sure to prepare statements well ahead of time in the future. And if you're one of our authors, and are really cross with me for any reason, *please* do let me know now, so I can sort out the issue.


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