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Affinity stats

You know me, internet - I don't like to go on [sarcastic/wry emoticon]. But I wanted to share that The Affinity Bridge continues to do very well! It's maintained a steady position in the Nielsen Top 1000 books in the UK chart for the last three weeks, coming in around #985 for a couple of weeks then soaring to #835. That's in the chart of all books; if you break it down into category and look at SF / Fantasy titles, then it's been in the Top Ten for four weeks. The Top Ten! Of all SFF books! [wipes sweat from brow] And that list includes bloomin' Harry Potter (SF/F my eye). It's available to buy in Waterstone's (including their flagship stores like Hatchards) who have been supremely supportive; Borders & Books Etc; Blackwells; WHSmith High Street stores as well as a host of independents and online retailers. So, you know, tell all your friends!


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