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Adobe CS5 available

Just in case you don't know, but you do care, Adobe's new version of Creative Suite is now available. There's some 'content-aware' jiggery-pokery in Photoshop that sounds amazing. (And some rotoscoping miracles in After Effects, if that's on your radar.) And the whole thing is 64-bit, which means that you can buy a machine with multiple CPU-cores and lots of RAM, and now Creative Suite will actually notice. So I can run a Creative Suite app and let it grab 12GB of RAM and all four cores if it needs to do some heavy lifting. This is highly preferable to watching it lock up or crash. And you can try the whole thing out today using Adobe's 30-day trial. The tricky bit comes on Day 31 figuring out how to pay for it.

If you have five minutes, why not watch this little video about what 'content-aware' filling and painting are? Basically, you can delete an unwanted object from a scene and Photoshop will guess what was behind it, with pretty impressive accuracy. Or it can extend an image beyond its borders, guessing at what should be there. It's a little bit spooky.


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