A small (large) update • 8 September 2008 • The SnowBlog

A small (large) update

Currently I am 36 weeks pregnant, 37 on Thursday. My midwife (independent, with 25 years experience, who knows what she's doing) said on Friday that he is already over 8lb. That, I imagine, has the potential to smart. (It'll be interesting to see the comments, if any, to this post. Over the last 8 or so months, people have been dividing themselves neatly into the reassuring - for instance, 'Weight doesn't matter, it's the head circumference that counts' - to those who seem almost gleeful about my possible discomfort and pain, and/or are keen to relive their own experiences. I don't mind which type you are, since everyone's different: comments, kind or less so, have very little bearing on what I'll experience myself - so comment away!)


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