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A retreat

Hmm, I wonder. I was just reading on the internets about a person going on a writer's retreat, and getting a lot of writing done. Me, I don't write. Dear god, let you be thankful. It's the blessing/curse of the publisher - to be frequently exposed to writing so fine it would make a grown man weep, writing of a standard you could never hope to reach, so why bother. However, whilst I don't write, I do like to learn new things and I have a current techie interest which would really benefit from a few days' absorbed, quiet thinking and concentration. I wonder: is one allowed to go on a retreat which isn't a writer's retreat? Or could I just say I was writing, and secretly do this other thing instead? Would anyone miss me for, I don't know, 4 or 5 days? More relevantly: could I resist the urge to check my email for a full working week?


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