A new look for Snowbooks.com • 29 March 2007 • The SnowBlog

A new look for Snowbooks.com

          If you haven't noticed anything different in the site yet, hit 'refresh' in your browser now.

Do you like our new look? The old one was getting a little tired, so we put it out to graze. This version is really a half-way house between Snowbooks.com 1.0 and Snowbooks.com 2.0, which will have lots of new and useful features, and which we plan to unveil later in the year when the machine elves have been beaten paid gently encouraged enough.

[geek bit] If you remember, some time last year, I rebuilt the website entirely in valid XHTML and CSS. This meant that this time round, all I had to do was tinker with the CSS and upload a few images to give us a makeover - I didn't have to touch any of the content. Small businesses everywhere: use standards to save time and money. [/geek bit]  

The SnowBlog is one of the oldest publishing blogs, started in 2003, and it's been through various content management systems over the years. A 2005 techno-blunder meant we lost the early years, but the archives you're reading now go all the way back to 2005.

Many of the older posts in our blog archive suffer from link rot. Apologies if you see missing links and images: let us know if you'd like us to find any in particular.

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