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A handy tool

Always missing book development deadlines? Not even aware that there was a deadline in the first place? Why, you need SnoTT: the Snowbooks Tracker Tool! Download it here. You'll need Office 2007 (or at least, Excel 2007) and you'll need to enable macros. (Don't worry, the last 5 years have not been an elaborate scam to lull you into a false sense of security to get you to download a virus-ridden .xls file containing macros.) Macro enabled workbooks default to save as a zip file, which is not what you want, so save it instead as a .xslm file, file type 'all files'. Enter your own bibliographic data (title, pub date), and your own schedule and click on the buttons to see which tasks are due this week, next week, last week and all future and past tasks. Presto! Organisation at your fingertips. Here's what it looks like: tracker.jpg If you find this SnowTool useful, why not cross our palms with silver?


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