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A company called DVDi are rubbish (updated)

So, first a fun (or possibly boring) story. And then a prize! (oooh!). Remember I was saying how much I enjoyed the strangely compelling TV series Industrial Revelations? Well, I ordered it and waited and waited and couldn't get updates on when it was coming so after two months I e-mailed to cancel my order. I then ordered it elsewhere, got it a week later, and began recommending it to people. Then I got an e-mail from the first company telling me they'd shipped my order. So I wrote to them to remind them about the cancelling and to ask them not to bill me. I haven't heard back and the order arrived yesterday. Now I've thought about sending it back and trying to get a refund out of DVDi, but if they don't respond to e-mails and they won't let you cancel an order, I reckon that isn't going to be much fun. So this is my solution: firstly, to let my little corner of the world know that they are useless and everyone should stay away from them. And secondly to offer my spare DVD as a prize in the following quiz. Q1) Behind which impressive (British) structure from the industrial revolution might Jesus Christ be buried? Q2) There is no 's' in team, but which gaseous form of a popular solvent is crucial to much of the technology of the Nineteenth Century? Q3) How many fingers am I holding up? Q4) Is Mark Williams excellent as an enthusiastic and funny presenter? e-mail your answers to me here:
Well then. I tried to do a bit of digging on the answer to Q1 and could find very little to support the notion behind the question. The answer I was looking for was St Pancras Old Church behind St Pancras Station, but I can't find any evidence that the 'myth' of Jesus being bured there predates the Internet, so I might have to cross that off the list of questions. Which makes John the winner, by dint both of his answers* and the lack of any other entries. Hooray! *I was actually holding up four fingers, but rather than wade into a semantic quagmire over the classification of the thumb, I will accept John's answer.


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