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A belated acknowledgement

I suppose it's not the cheeriest of subjects, but then neither is the need to look both ways before crossing the road - both are nevertheless important. I'm just reading The Coming First World Debt Crisis by Ann Pettifor. It was published in October 2006. You can guess the sorts of things it says: like, here are all the reasons why this is going to blow up in our faces any minute now even though things look fine to some people and those in charge tell us that all is rosy. You'll recall I was saying something a bit similar, but since I didn't actually know what I was talking about it, I'm not sure that counts. But Ann Pettifor gives every indication of knowing what she's talking about. If the world ever starts giving out Cassandra Awards, Ms. Pettifor deserves one. They should be televised, with highlights on the evening news. Guessing shouldn't count, but recognition should go to careful reasoned explanations that accurately predict the next disaster. Anyone who wins more than a couple should probably get the odd phone call from No. 10 Downing Street or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Ms. Pettifor's blog is here.


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