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3:AM Magazine Reborn


The wonderful and truly innovative 3:AM Magazine, they of the Edgier Waters anthology that Snowbooks published last summer, has just relaunched with a brand new site, and lots of new content, after over a year on a technical hiatus.

3:AM is one of the few online literary magazines that really get it right: a wide range of contributors, from the obscure to the famous, insightful and rare interviews, critical reviews, poetry that isn't awful, and extending into music and politics without losing that edge. In Buzzwords, 3:AM also has one of the most read and most interesting literary blogs on the net. If you haven't before, go check it out.  

The SnowBlog is one of the oldest publishing blogs, started in 2003, and it's been through various content management systems over the years. A 2005 techno-blunder meant we lost the early years, but the archives you're reading now go all the way back to 2005.

Many of the older posts in our blog archive suffer from link rot. Apologies if you see missing links and images: let us know if you'd like us to find any in particular.

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