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Snowbooks is an award-winning independent publisher of fine genre fiction, and the sister company of publishing technology house General Products Ltd.

2019 is our 16th year!

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Our wonderful books

Over the last 16 years, we've published books that have sold in the tens of thousands. We've also published books that have only sold a handful of copies. But we have taken a searing pride in each and every one of them. And we have been a foundry for emerging talent. Paula Brackston, George Mann, Mark Hodder, Leila Johnston, James Brogden, Matthew De Abaitua and more found their first home at Snowbooks, going on to become leading lights in the next generation of genre authors.

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  • You Are The Hero, by Jonathan Green. This one did rather well

Enabled by technology, published with love

Snowbooks uses the finest publishing management software, written by the fine folks at our sister company General Products Ltd, to ensure our data is rich and safely sent to every retailer, and our admin is automated. It's time-saving, as well as quality-enhancing, which frees us up to focus on what matters: the books.