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Solomon's Seal

Steven Savile and Steve Lockley

With the discovery of the long lost Seal of Solomon Konstantin Khavin and Orla Nyrén find themselves in Jerusalem and Palestine fighting for their lives with enemies on all sides. They don't know who they can trust. They don't know which way to turn next. All they know is they have to find the Seal while diverting the detonation of a dirty bomb at one of Jerusalem's most holy sites. Which would be fine, but Orla's been here before, during the worst days of her life when she was a prisoner in Jenin, a refugee camp on the border. She was brutally abused by a sadist she remembers only as The Beast - a man she thought she'd killed during her escape. He isn't dead. He's the man who has the Seal. And Orla is going to have to face The Beast alone.

Published Feb 25, 2017 • 100 pages • mm • ISBNs: 978-1-911390-15-2 • 978-1-911390-14-5

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