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Seven Cities of Old

Mike Wild

1884. “Do I have a plan? I just found out! Of course I don’t have a f**king plan!” They call them The Altered States: Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and beyond. Half a continent gone to hell. Half a continent home to grotesques, monsters and madmen. Between it and civilisation stands Westwatch and the men and women of the Department for Research into Advanced Weaponry – the agents of D.R.A.W. – who are about to have a very bad day. For what starts as a routine investigation of smuggled ancient artefacts catapults Ginny Dare, Posse Cat, Jiminy Crocket and Marshal Marshal Marshal into a race to stop a being older than the universe bringing about the end of all worlds. Runaway trains, besieged airships, raging river rafts and a gunfight with an army of the dead – with, if they’re lucky, a whisky, in between – are just a few challenges they’ll face before unlocking the secret of the Altered States, buried deep beneath the earth in one of the Seven Cities of Old ...


"Unashamedly pulp, reminding me of the work of such genre greats as Michael Moorcock and Edgar Rice Burroughs" --San Francisco Book Review

Published Sep 01, 2014 • 416 pages • mm • ISBNs: 978-1-909679-39-9 • 978-1-909679-26-9

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